We can prepare your property for the colder winter months.

* Fall - winter pruning and clean up

* Fertilize

*Sprinkler turn off (option to have a BLOW OUT - open drains and bleeder valves, blow out irrigation lines with a large volume air compressor)

Wolf Pack Lawn


Maintenance:  Mowing starts early spring and continues until mid fall.  Choose weekly or  bi-weekly lawn mowing. If you have pets, dog waste removal can be added into your services as well. We can provide weeding, pruning,  debris control, and landscape detailing.

Spring:  When this Spring arrives we can clean up the winter debris and prep your landscape for the budding year.

* Sprinkler turn on and repair (thorough inspection of all stations, and timer programming for all sprinkler and drip systems)

* Fertilize lawn, shrub and trees (includes four seasonal applications) Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Fall/Winter.

* Lawn insecticide

* Core aeration (reduces soil compaction, creating a channel through which oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate into the soil)

* Lawn dethatching

Locally owned and operated Reno business since 1998. Wolf Pack Lawn strives to provide excellent customer service, lawn care, and maintenance for you and your neighbors.

Snow Removal: Make your home or business  safe  for residents and/or employees of the property during the winter months.  Services include snow plowing, shoveling, sidewalk, walkway and driveway clearing. 

We realize that snowstorms can be sudden and require attention as soon as possible.